Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stay Happy!

Hey, sorry for being late on blogging.  I'll blog again tomorrow to get back in the "every-other-day" thing.  So back to the topic.  Have you ever thought about what you would be like in a relalationship/marriage?  Thoughtful?  Kind?  Adventurous?  How about just being yourself?  I think that is a tough one to master for a lot of couples.  You start off a strong individual, but then you lose your hobbies, interests, and dreams in hopes that you will make your spouse more happy by doing what he wants to do. 


You know what makes for a happy couple?  Happy individuals!  I think it is a tough thing to master, but as long as you are trying that is all that really counts.  One way to remember who you are as an individual it to pick up an old hobby.  Whether it is an instrument, knitting, or something that is unique to you.  If you can't think of a hobby, make a new one up!  It's that easy. 

Along with a new hobby, think about what makes YOU happy.  Rock climbing?  Sitting on a beach?  Nap time?  Try and do a little more of these activities (ok we can't all go to a beach, so plan a vacation, or just go to a relaxing pool day.  It can be fun too!).  If you don't do things that make you happy inside, you aren't going to be happy in a relationship.

Feel healthy!  Now that is one I am currently working on.  I just bought a new bike, in hopes that I can get back into biking when it is a little warmer.  What makes you feel healthy?  Eating right?  Exercise?  Yoga?  Get back to it!  If you don't feel healthy and free, neither will your relationship.

Pamper yourself!  Whether it is a trip to get your nails done (or a very necessary DIY nail day), or just shaving your legs once in awhile (oh I know the "well it's winter" excuse!).  It will make you feel like a woman, which is very important in a relationship.  Embrace being a woman!

Hang out with your friends.  That is another one I need to work on more.  See men are easy.  They can have a Halo playing night and be fine.  Some girls are the same way, but a majority need to talk.  I treasure my best friends, and being able to talk to them about anything.  Just talking to another girl-friend makes things so much better.  We need community, so go and talk to a friend!  What's really awesome is to be able to talk to friends who have the same relationship  status as you, because you can really see where each other is coming from.  Even talking to someone who is a level ahead of you (as in you are engaged and your friend is married).  I will talk about that in a different blog, but it really does help getting advice.

That's it for now, but remember, a healthy relationship is where both individuals are happy.  As well as making yourself happy, make sure your man is doing the same thing.  It is not one sided.  That will allow for a happy healthy relationship together!
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  1. Court,

    I love all of your posts (and Andrew's too!). Knowing that Jon and I will probably get married one day, these blogs are really helpful at giving me an inside view as to what married life will really be like :)
    Also, the friend issue seems like it will be a big hurdle for me, considering that Jon and I will have to relocate to California, where he has already formed relationships, and I have not. So, learning to make new friends and make time for them and me is super important.
    In short, thank again for all these posts, keep them coming! :)