Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SLEEP is awesome

Hey, sorry again for being late on blogging.  I promise I'll get used to this.  Maybe this is why I could never keep a diary...

Anyways, the topic is about sleep.  But don't think it'll put you to sleep (ha.  I crack myself up.  A lot.).  Do you realize how important sleep is?  Ok, for me, it is one of the most important things.  Me without sleep is me attempting to stay alive with coffee.  Not good.

So how am I used to sleeping?  Before I was married, I slept with either my cats or by myself.  I had a queen sized bed to myself.  AND I got like 7 hours of sleep a night if I could.

Fast forward to married life.  Now I sleep with my husband, in a similar sized bed, and I don't typically get as much sleep as I want.  Between us both snooring and tosing and turning, it is still a challenge.

So what is the fix?

Sometimes you have to put your feelings aside and put the other person first.  To be honest, sometimes I do tell Andrew to turn over to help with the snooring.  I tell him to do the same with me.  We both have to work together to have a successful night.  Another thing that sometimes is tough is the couch issue.  Sometimes it's just a bad night.  You just can't sleep!  So talk it over with your loved one.  It's not about you or them.  It is about sleep.

I know that was hard for me.  Married life means always sleeping in the same bed, and it being really easy!  It's not.  I have never shared a bed let alone a room.  So we both have to put the whole "you didn't sleep with me last night thing" aside.  At first it hurt my feelings, and I thought it was about me.  Sometimes it's just how it is.  It doesn't mean every night.  It doesn't mean you are giving up.  Still enjoy the time you can sleep in the same bed.  But I will admit one of us has slept on the couch every once in awhile in our 8ish months of marriage. 

Just talk about it!  I'm sure it'll happen.  Sometimes it is a hard thing to adjust to.  I'm sure that within a year or so we can say that we are even better at sleeping in the same bed.  Just remember, look out for your spouse's feelings, and make sure to address them.  Left unsaid, it can be unsettling.  Just make sure that you are happy, he is happy, and that you both work together to be happy.  No matter how weird it can be.


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