Sunday, January 15, 2012

Am I Good Enough?

Now this seems like such an easy topic.  Especially since some of the previous posts are about being thebest you can be as an individual and in a couple.  But I think everyone deals with this topic at least a little bit (including me).  Am I good enough?  Is what I am bringing to the table the best?  Am I skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, loving enough?  Am I really loveable?

I think each of us struggle with different questions, but whether we like them or not, they are usually there.  True, some people are secure enough with themselves that these questions don't really get to them, but the questions still remain.  So what do we do about them?

We need to decide that we really are good enough.  No matter how much someone says you are beautiful, or how much someone likes your shoes, if you don't feel beautiful in your own skin, it will just be a minor fix to your problem.  We are told that you have to be tall, thin, and tan to be beautiful in America.  But look at some individuals who are going against that mold.  Taylor swift and Emma Stone are pale.  Adelle is not a size 2.  But they are all gorgeous!!  How might you ask?

Because they accept who they are and they treasure their individuality.  Did you know that in some Asian cultures that the more pale you are, the more beautiful?  Or that in the past, if you were a little heavier, you were considered rich and beautiful?  Even today there are different standards in beauty according to your culture.  You know what you really need to do?  Find every part of you beautiful.  Whether you have gained a little weight, you have a sunburn, and your best friend is a model, it is important to  be happy with yourself.

And here's a key point of advice.  Do you know who really finds that typical girl attractive?  Other girls!!  See, Andrew has told me plenty of times that he doesn't find the really skinny models attractive.  Although it took a long time to understand that, most guys really don't find that attractive!  It is girls telling other girls who they should be.  Why let anyone say you should be like them, when you can be you!

Ok girls, let's face it.  We all have had problems in our past that makes us question if we are good enough.  Is there someone better out there for your guy?  Are you the best for him?  Are you good enough?  It is important to address if you have those ideas, and to figure out what you should do about it.  Just remember, you really are good enough!  Andrew picked me because he was attracted to me at first sight.  He still finds me just as attractive today!  You just have to realize that you shouldn't think that the insecurities that you have are things that are not attractive to your man.  Andrew loves me for who I am, so find a guy who can do that.  It's lovely.  Don't let someone else define you.  You are beautiful!


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