Friday, January 20, 2012


So.  Have you ever really wondered what it is like to be married?  I will tell you.  It is wonderful.  A real challenge at times, but wonderful.  You know what one of the things that has really helped our marriage?  Besides talking to each other, we also go to others and look to others for advice.

I have a few good friends that are currently married.  It is wonderful!  We have friends who have gotten married before us, after us, around the same time as us, and those who are looking forward to it.  So what has been most helpful with my friends?  Learning that you are not alone.  You aren't alone in the indecisions of what to make for dinner, what to do tomorrow night, and even who will turn off the light at nights.  Let's just say that the "nose goes" game is pretty popular in our household.  So how do you learn from friends?

What I have learned is that my friends and I have similar bumps in the road, similar happy moments in life, and it is great to feel like you are not alone in the world as a couple.  Also, looking to other couples who are more experienced than you (meaning they are either to the next step of their relationship, a new stage of life, or have been together longer) is beneficial.  I have loved having couples that are similar to where Andrew and I are, and couples who are at a different stage of life than us.  I am so excited that God has gifted me with that.

Just remember, although you and your spouse are individual, you might have similar difficulties as other couples.  Don't talk badly about your husband, but sometimes it helps to have girl time to talk about things.  It makes you feel less weird.  Also, look to other couples for guidance as your take new steps in your relationship, but don't feel pressure to take any steps you don't want.  For instance, some couples want children right away, while others want to wait to get settled.  Each couple is different, so make sure you don't get too focused on what other couples are doing. 


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