Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things to Think About!

Wow.  It is sad how long it has been since either of us has posted!  I would like this to be a random list of insights.  It'll be worth the read, I promise.
-Figure out your sleep schedules.  As in right now, I am writing this while Andrew is asleep.  It is important to figure out who is a morning person, who is not, who hits the snooze button all the time, and who does not.  It is important to respect one another with this, so you might need to compromise (i.e. Andrew goes to the couch where he hits the snooze button 5 billion times before he gets up).
-Save money.  Open a savings account at the very least and put money aside.  For school expenses, a house in the future, and any other little thing.
-Figure out who does what around the house.  This changes all the time!  Like now I am applying for jobs and about to start summer school.  Which means I have time to clean (yay. Except not).  But someone has to do it!  Talk it over, and come up with a plan that works for both of you.
-Accept that you will not always understand each other.  Andrew might not get why I can splurge on a purse, and I will never get his need for buying Star Wars books.  Even though you don't get it, don't discourage it (unless if you buy too many purses or books).
-No matter how much you think Star Wars books will not interest you, at least set out with the idea that someday you will pick one up and read it.  I'm not sayin you need to read all of them (there are a lot more than you know), but show interest.  And not the whole "I did the minimum" thing.  He might not want to go shopping, but sometimes you want a new candle from Bath & Body Works.  It happens.  Do something for the other person!
-Discuss things.  How much to spend on gifts, how many kids, future schooling, future hobbies, future jobs, how many pets, what type of milk, what happens if we don't get the jobs we want, and on and on.  A marriage is a learning process.  So learn. 
-Are you a crier?  A shouter?  A giver of mean looks?  What do you do under stress and when you are upset?  What is acceptable in a fight?  Andrew and I do not yell. That is one main rule we have.  Figure out what your rules are.
-Plan ahead.  I know it seems too much, but think about savings accounts for your children.  For all you know, you could have twins! Plan ahead and make sure you are ready for this (or as much as you can be).
-Don't stress.  Andrew and I are most happy when we are ourselves.  Embrace yourself and each other.  It is the most important thing to remember.


  1. I have always loved your writing style :) And your insights here are very wise! Best luck with married life!

    Love and prayers,

  2. Ha thanks Melanie. Best luck with you and your engagement!