Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Right now is such a trasitional time.  Andrew and I are about to move into a new apartment (yay), but it is even more than that.  I am excited to start a new job (with orienation for the next few days), and I am excited that within the next year, I will graduate, and we will be able to focus on an even bigger transition of hopfully moving to Nashville, TN.  Right now, I am in a reflective mood, so bare with me!  Within the last few days, a friend has gotten engaged, and two people have had babies.  One of those babies was born 10 weeks early.  Thoughout my reflections, I hope the best for all three.  One is a good friend's sister who had her third child with her husband.  The one engaged is happy and seems excited for what's to come.  And the last couple are excited about the birth of their baby girl.  I am so excited for each of these precious people in my life, and hope that each finds their happiness.  Whether it is introducing their baby to their siblings, rejoicing that she has made one of the biggest and most wonderful decisions in her life, and one can't wait to hold her baby girl for the first time.  I pray that God holds each of these women close tonight, and that they know that blessings have been poured on all three.  Now what does this have to do with marriage, you might ask?  Marriage is about reflection and loving on others as well as yourselves.  That is when you know that you have a healthy marriage; when you can reflect with one another, and pour love on others together.  Love is what marriage is about.

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