Friday, February 17, 2012

The D word

You know what I think about the D word?  In a good marriage, it is a threat.  In a bad marriage, it is a way out.  Andrew and I made a lifelong committment the day we got married, and have vowed to our lives that we would never change that vow.  For sicker, poorer, old, young, happy, sad.  We made a vow to stick to one another.  I have realized that divorce is acceptable in many situations, whether abuse or a very unhealthy relationship.  But that is because the vows have already been broken!  Other than that, I don't believe growing apart.  Although I have never lost a parent or a child, or I have never got into a fight that can't be undone, I still stick to my thoughts.  Don't ever bring up that word in a good marriage.  It is a way to hurt the other, to threaten them to be better, and one thing I have learned in marriage is that you should never be a threat to the other.  You should boost them up, not tear them down.  So make sure before you get married that you are willing to keep those vows in any circumstance.  If you are married, don't stoop to that level and threaten with the word divorce.  It's dumb.

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